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Squeek “The Monster in the Bubble” Storybook

Squeek “The Monster in the Bubble” Storybook

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Squeek is a whimsically drawn monster who lives inside a bubble. He’s terrified to leave his safe bubble and follow his dreams of making new friends and having adventures. This sweet book reminds children that they’re not alone in feeling afraid to move forward, and by validating their feelings, helps kids to tackle those unpleasant emotions.
This high quality, 67-page book is hand illustrated in pen, ink, and watercolor for a very artistic and distinct feel. This rhyming story is printed in environmentally friendly soy ink. “The Monster in the Bubble” is hard cover and measures 8.1” x 6.7” x 0.35”

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The author, and creator of the award-winning Worry Woos, Andi Green, wanted to teach children to embrace their emotions, however unpleasant. Ignoring unhappy feelings won’t make them go away, and so “The Monster in the Bubble” and the other Worry Woo books strive to help children to open up and discuss their emotions.