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Rue the Monster of Insecurity Doll by Worry Woo Monsters

Rue the Monster of Insecurity Doll by Worry Woo Monsters

Item #:TOY-WW-RP01
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This soft big-eyed, big-nosed, big-hearted doll is Rue, the Monster wracked by Insecurity. Ashamed of his large nose, which he thinks makes him ugly, Rue is the star of the storybook, “the Nose that Didn’t Fit”. This 11” high yellow doll has soft wings, wild and curly hair, and a signature Worry Woos belly button. Rue is a high quality doll. Made of entirely new materials, Rue won the TD Monthly Top Toy award in 2009, and meets both ASTM material safety standards and EN71 toy safety standards.

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This doll represents all the embarrassment, insecurity, and lack of self-confidence burdening kids. Rue serves to remind them that it’s ok, and normal, to feel this way, and that such emotions can be dealt with. Rue also serves to be adorable.
Rue and the other Worry Woos won the Creative Child Magazine Top Toy Award and the Toy Man Seal of Excellence.