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Rue “The Nose that Didn’t Fit” Storybook

Rue “The Nose that Didn’t Fit” Storybook

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“The Nose that Didn’t Fit” follow Rue, a little monster with a big nose. Rue is so insecure about his nose he tries to hide in a flower bush and just wishes he could shrink it and not be “ugly.” This rhyming, 88-page storybook is the second book in the line of WorryWoo Monster books by Andi Green. Each page is hand illustrated in pen, ink, and watercolor giving a unique feel to the whimsical paintings. To be environmentally conscious, the book is printed in soy ink. It comes as a 8.1 “ x 6.7 “ x 0.5” hard cover. The story follows this large-eyed yellow monster with wings and frizzy hair as he tries to hide his nose, before eventually learning to accept himself and find beauty in how he looks.

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This doll represents all the embarrassment, insecurity, and lack of self-confidence burdening kids. Rue serves to remind them that it’s ok, and normal, to feel this way, and that such emotions can be dealt with. Rue also serves to be adorable.

Rue and the other Worry Woos won the Creative Child Magazine Top Toy Award and the Toy Man Seal of Excellence.