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Nola the Monster of Loneliness Doll by Worry Woo Monsters

Nola the Monster of Loneliness Doll by Worry Woo Monsters

Item #:TOY-WW-NP01
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Nola is the Lonely Worry Woo. This 11” high dragon like monster has childlike large blue eyes, and a silly tuft of red bangs. This cute Monster bends her neck shyly, asking, “will you be the friend I’m searching for?” Nola and her book won the iParenting Media Award and the iParenting Media Hot Award. This soft doll has been fully checked out – she is made of all new materials and meets both the ASTM material safety standards and EN71 safety standards for toys.

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The slightly opened, smiling mouth on this lovable Monster gives Nola an innocent, curious look. With a whimsical magenta tuft on her tail, teeny feet, and a large, huggable tummy, this adorable cartoony Monster is sure to charm children and adults alike. Nola is one of the first set of Worry Woos designed by their creator, the artist Andi Green, and reminds children that loneliness is a valid emotion, and one to be admitted and dealt with, not hidden. She has a signature Worry Woo belly button.