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Nola The Lonely Little Monster Worry Woos Storybook

Nola “The Lonely Little Monster” Storybook by Worry Woos

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In this whimsical and artistic Worry Woos storybook, the dragon-like monster, Nola, struggles with the pain of loneliness, but ultimately learns that things can get better with an open mind. This beautiful book replicates the illustrations that were painted by hand with watercolor, pen, and ink, giving a distinctly unique texture and quality to the pictures. Nola’s story is told in 67 pages in this 8.1” x 6.7’ x 0.35” hardcover book. Keeping the theme of care alive, this Worry Woos book is printed with soy ink to be environmentally friendly.  Nola and her book won the the iParenting Media Award and the iParenting Media Hot Award.

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Children can have a difficult time expressing themselves, and knowing what is “ok” for them to feel. Often kids are encouraged to just show their happier side. These storybooks help children admit to the unhappy emotions troubling them. Instead of pretending not to be lonely, the Worry Woos books hope to encourage children to acknowledge that they have unpleasant emotions and to start talking about them.