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Fuddle the Monster of Indecision Doll by Worry Woo Monsters

Fuddle the Monster of Indecision Doll by Worry Woo Monsters

Item #:TOY-WW-FP01
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This peach-colored Worry Woo sports a fiery mane. Beneath her tiny horns and thick eyebrows, Fuddle stares upwards, deep in concentration, trying to make up her mind. The character, Fuddle, is a Worry Woo Monster riddled by Indecision. Every choice becomes a burden for this soft, befuddled 11” doll. Fuddle is made of entirely new materials and has been checked out to meet both ASTM and EN71 safety standards. Recommended for ages 3+, this doll and her fellow Worry Woos have won the Creative Child Magazine Top Toy Award and the Toy Man Seal of Excellence.

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This cute doll helps bring to life the story of “The Monster who Couldn’t Decide”. Helping Fuddle deal with her inability to make up her mind will let children focus on something outside themselves, and help them learn how to cope with indecision. The creator, Andi Green, designed the Worry Woos to help children acknowledge their own difficult emotions.