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Fuddle “The Monster Who Couldn’t Decide” Storybook

Fuddle the Monster of Indecision – Monster Who Couldn’t Decide Book

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“The Monster Who Couldn’t Decide” is a beautifully rendered rhyming storybook about a monster that just can’t make up her mind. Hand illustrated in watercolor, pen, and ink this storybook follows Fuddle, a fuzzy, tiny-horned monster, as she tries to decide which will be more fun - tacos or rhubarb pie? Flying a kite or playing soccer? -until every decision becomes so difficult she can’t stand it. Terrified of making the wrong choice and missing out on the most fun, Fuddle can’t seem to make any choice at all. This engaging 92 page book comes in hard cover and measures 8.1” x 6.7” x 0.35, and will be treasured by both children and adults. Printed in environmentally friendly soy inks, this is the fourth and latest book in the Worry Woo Monsters series. These award-winning Worry Woo Monsters aim to teach children how to express their less happy emotions. Others of the Worry Woos make appearances in Fuddle’s story.

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