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New Tummy Stuffers - Organize, Cuddle and Play

Tummy Stuffer ToysIntroducing Tummy Stuffers! These adorable stuffed toys are a great way to keep your kids organized. If your child has a hard time storing and organizing their belongings, these cute little creatures can help you find a solution. Each toy is 13” high and can store toys, books, clothes and more. Find the perfect animal for your child with one of six great styles found below.

Tummy Stuffer Brown Monkey
Tummy Stuffer Brown Monkey

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Sale Price: $19.95
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Tummy Stuffer Brown Monkey

Plush products are incredibly popular with kids and parents. Especially when they’re not just for looks. That’s why we’re so proud to introduce this new line of stuffed toy animals called Tummy Stuffers. These handy toys turn clean up time into play time. Each Tummy Stuffer is 13 inches and can hold all of your child’s belongings that you used to see lying on the floor of bedrooms, living rooms and car floors.

These adorable little animals will eat up any mess. They are also a great way to store toys, games, books and clothing for sleepovers, car trips or around the house. Just have your child place their belongings in the Tummy Stuffer though their mouth. This adorable toy will fill up and become a cuddly companion that your child will love.

Kids will love the funny faces and the bright colors of their new stuffed animal. There are six animals to choose from including the Brown Monkey, Red and Black Lady Bug, Tan Dog, Pink Cat, Lilac Unicorn and Green Gator. Dual-function toys like these make fantastic teaching tools at home and in the classroom. These toys make great gifts for kids and grandkids. They’re great for parents too, cause who couldn’t use a little help picking up after a long day?

We love making new, innovative and functional toys available to our customers. Tummy Stuffers are just another prime example. Check out all of our cool plush toys including Stompeez, Cozy Plush, Pillow Pets, Cuddleuppets and Dream Lights. Plush toys are incredibly popular with both kids and parents. They are manufactured with quality products and made to last. Check out all of our great toys for kids at Wacky Planet. We’re sure you’ll find something for the whole family and for every occasion. If you have questions about any of our products just click on the customer service link below.