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Fur Trapper Hats -- Faux Fur Trapper Hat For men and Women.

Trapper Hats -Trapper Hat SaleKeep warm in the winter with a cozy faux-fur Fur Trapper hat. These stylish winter hats are popular with both men and women and have acquired many names over their long history: ear flap hats, Russian ushanka hat, aviator hats, and bomber hats.

Fur Trapper style hats have been worn in cold countries like Russia and Germany for ages. These warm hats have earflaps that can hang loose, be clipped under the chin, or fastened at the top of the hat. Our fur trapper hats feature faux-fur, to give you the soft, warm feel of the hat without hurting animals. We offer both faux rabbit fur and faux chinchilla fur hats.