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Toy Violin -- Realistic Electronic Violin For kids (Factory Second)

Realistic 16" Electronic Toy Violin For Kids.

This product is a new factory second, the sound does not work. This is a final sale item.

Item #:Toy-Arb-Violin
Availability:Usually ships the next business day
Reg. Price:$19.95
Sale Price:$9.95You Save 50%
This item is out of stock.

This realistic electronic toy violin for kids is a new factory second. It has slight scratches on the surface, and the sound does not work. The price has been discounted tremendously from $19.95 to a very great sale price of $9.95. This is a final sale item.

The violinís markings are highly realistic, lined just like real wood, and the violin even has impressions of the curved F holes. The body of this kidsí violin is the reddish-brown color of real violin wood, for a professional look. The toy violin is 16Ē- perfect sized for childrenís arm lengths. 16Ē is about the same size of violins that 5 year old violinists would buy. This kidís electric toy violin comes with a PVC travel case.

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This realistic looking violin has all the proper shape of a real violin, includes a bridge, and chin rest. This music toy is a great gift for toddlers and children with an interest in music. Because it is so realistic, this violin will help train young fiddlers who are too young to take music lesson on how to hold violins and bows. Whether your children or grandchildren dream of being folk fiddlers or long to be symphony violinists, this electric toy violin will help them on their way. With this toy violin, kids can pretend to be playing the real thing, and practice bowing across the strings.

The slight scratches on the item give it a used feel, as if it had come from the hands of an experienced musician. Even better, it means you donít have to worry so much about making sure your kids donít scratch their toy violin again as they play.