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Skelanimals Chungkee the Panda Infant Costume

Chungkee the Panda Skelanimals Costume for Infants

Item #:COS-CC-13-10030
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Raise the love scale with this Chungkee the Panda Skelanimals Costume for infants. Your baby will make a great ambassador for panda bears who are lovable but sometimes misunderstood in their behavior. Just like Chungkee the Panda who thought a panda bear on a girl’s backpack was real, your child will show that beneath that huge black panda body are more than just a skeletal framework – there is also a big, red heart that beats with love even when it is mixed up and misunderstood. Halloween, after all, is for all the creatures who surface from strange places, including sweet Chungkee.

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