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Shoulder Buddies Smarts Series 3

Shoulder Buddies Smarts Series 3Shoulder Buddies -- adorable, collectible Buddy figurines that kids can wear anywhere. Each unique Shoulder Buddy teaches kids a special life lesson.

Shoulder Buddies smart series 3 is the third group of the vute, collectible Shoulder Buddies series. It features Gracie, Sam,Digit,Ding,Hue, Shari, Dash,and Tempo. Each Shoulder Buddy in this series has special knowledge and skills that they can teach your child.

Shoulder Buddies, the cool collectible friends that all kids find fun to wear! More than cute... each "Smarts" buddy imparts kids with a unique life lesson, with themes like Friendship or Fire Safety. The imcluded Magical Coin allows a child to wear their favorite character on their own shirt or hat and even their hair Kids can bring their Buddies and their "Smarts"anywhere they go! Kids love shoulder buddies because they can collect them, they are so darn cute cute, and they make wonderful teaching tools for school and home.

The story behind Shoulder Buddies:

The Shoulder Buddies Smarts were created by a magical wishing star, where the Land of Understand resides. Shoulder Buddies enroll at "School of Smarts" to earn Fluffles which rest on top of their head and allow them to fly. Once they they learn their lesson they fly down to earth and look for a Buddy to share their wisdom and to have adventures.