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Haunted Rave Ravin' Lunatech Costume

Ravin Lunatech Costume for Men

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The Ravin Lunatech Costume for Men is a great outlet for people who always wanted to do things that were out socially unacceptable. As a Ravin Lunatech people will politely allow you to babble and jabber because you totally look the part. Itís fun to be loony and in this costume, theyíll know you arenít. But then, itís Halloween and you get to do and be anybody you want. You can be the mad scientist of the deepest range of your imagination with this coat of many pockets filled with pens and scientific tools. The hairstyle, you can blame on the electric current that you invented for beauty parlors. To think, for once the hair dye matches the mustache. It will be a blast. The total package includes the lab coat and hairpiece with mustache. Available size is standard.

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