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Popeye T-Shirts and Apparel

Popeye T-Shirts and ApparelFans of Popeye the Sailor Man will love our awesome Popeye T-shirts and Popeye clothing.

Vintage T-Shirts
Vintage T-Shirts

Vintage T-Shirts

Our funny Popeye clothing collection includes clever Popeye chopper T-shirts and more. The Popeye T-shirts make great gifts for your Popeye fan friends!

Popeye, the spinach-eating sailor, is such a popular character that he took over Thimble Theater when he was first introduced in the comic. Though Thimble Theater had starred Olive Oyl for ten years before Popeye, the sailor was so popular that before long the comic centered on him. We can only imagine the same thing will happen to your wardrobe once you introduce a cool Popeye T-shirt!