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Party Cat Kids Costume

Party Cat Halloween Costume

Item #:COS-RU-13-886611
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The Party Cat Halloween Costume for kids is fun and colorful, just the way your daughter will love it. The mix of strong tones of yellow, pink, black, white and teal are well worked together from hues to fabric to use of fur. The furry yellow hat with the eyes, nose, cheeks and whiskers of Sylvester the cat, plus the furry cat ears with pink lining looks cool and smart. Add to that the yellow cat fur at the neck of the dress top, gloves and tail and you have a tasteful, not overdone, fur distribution in this pretty costume with a shocking pink top and multilayered tutu of pink and teal with black trim. A fun black choker with a shocking pink bead makes the perfect “collar, while black cat paws on a pink backdrop are shown on the inner lining of the cat’s gloves. The total package includes the hat, choker, top, tutu, gloves and tail. Sizes available are S, M and L.

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