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Blakeway Panoramic Frame Kit 13.5" x 40"

Panoramic Frame Kit for Blakeway

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These frame kits are for unframed panoramic pictures by James Blakeway. The frame kits are shipped assembled and are easy to open and insert your print. The frames are made of black anodized aluminum and come with foam core backing as well as all the hardware necessary to hang your picture.

Panoramic Print Framing Instructions

-Remove frame from the box and remove any packing material

-Lay the frame face down. Unscrew just one of the screws on each side holding the bottom frame piece in place. Make sure it is the screw pointing up.

-Pull the long frame piece out. Take out the white foam backing.

-Remove the plastic layer from the plexiglass. Wipe the surface with a soft cloth if needed to remove residue or dust.

-Place the print face down on the glass. Put the foam backing on top of the print.

-Replace the long frame piece and tighten the screws.

-Take the 8 frame supports and bend the arch slightly so they fit underneath the black frame pieces. 3 each on the long ends and 1 on the shorter ends should keep the print firmly in place.

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