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Skelanimals Oliver the Owl Costume for Teens

Oliver the Owl Skelanimals Costume for Teens out of stock

Item #:COS-CC-13-00292
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This item is out of stock.

Oliver the Owl Skelanimals Costume for Teens blends black with orange and touches of white. The costume is nicely designed for the teen who loves birds or simply likes this dress. Never have owl skeletons looked so lovely. The sleeveless mini dress has an orange bib with owl skeleton heads. The skirt is trimmed with orange, beneath which orange frilly lace overlaps prettily. The black caplet with orange trim blends with the black hood with orange trim. It all ties together at the neck with an orange ribbon. The owl skeleton head with the lovable beak and delicate ears on the hood picks up well with the accessory bag of the skelanimal with a sweet red heart. The total package includes the sleeveless dress, cape with attached hoodie and purse.

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