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Name In The Frame -- NBA Locker Room JerseyPersonalized Prints

NBA Personalized Locker Room Prints By Name In The Frame“Did I tell I was on an NBA team?” With one of these personalized NBA Name in the Frame photos you’re as close to your favorite team as you can be without playing along side them. Slip your name in among your favorite of the big names on one of these high quality customized sports prints. Each print is 11” x 14” unframed, and 13” x 16” when framed in an elegant black composite frame.

Name in the Frame NBA prints are adjusted to be different for every team. The layout of the basketball paraphernalia in the locker room is different, and the color schemes are adjusted to compliment the chosen team’s colors. Your team’s logo patterns the locker room wall, and the team symbol marks the bottom right of the print.

Already, Name in the Frame NBA prints are pretty unique. Take it a step further are personalize these beautiful prints. Tell us what name you want on the back of your personalized jersey – a friend’s last name? Your own first name? A nickname? Then decide on your favorite number for your jersey (so long as it doesn’t duplicate another jersey number in the print). Customize even more and choose three players from the team’s current roster to hang their jerseys next to yours (or stick with the players shown in the sample print).

These high quality sports gifts are perfect for a basketball lover on any occasion – birthdays Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and more. This custom gift will be a slam dunk!

The details are paid full attention to in these NBA Name in the Frame prints. “Spalding” reads each basketball, and the towels display a monogram of the team’s symbol. With such highly detailed depictions, this print looks like the portal into a real NBA locker room!

For ten years WackyPlanet has been running an internet store, and so we like to think we know a thing or two about customer service. We get you your purchases as fast as we can. If you have any questions about purchases or personalization be sure to call us at our toll free number, or e-mails us a question and we’ll respond within 24 hours.