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Movie Costumes And TV Costumes -- Movie and TV Halloween Costumes

Be the star of any costume party, out-do all the trick or treaters, whether you’re handing out the candy on Halloween or trick or treating yourself, with any of these stunning TV and movie costumes.

Movie Costumes and TV Costumes
Movie Costumes and TV Costumes

Movie Costumes and TV Costumes

Here are the finest TV and movie costumes for the most avid TV watchers, the most popcorn addicted moviegoers, and the most dedicated film fans. We offer costumes ranging from the highly popular recent films and current shows like Pirates of the Caribbean and to horror movie and TV show classics like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and I Love Lucy. Don’t just watch TV and movies – be part of them! Don the costume of your favorite character – Napoleon Dynamite, anyone? – and step into their shoes and their world for a night. The Na’vi costumes from Avatar are stunning blue jumpsuits. Look good enough in one of these costumes and who knows? Maybe a director will hire you.

For the more adventurous out there, we suggest you grab one of these cool costumes and make yourself an alternate identity. All the superheroes had to get started somehow – now can be your chance. Go masquerade as V, from V for Vendetta, or buy various costumes and mix the pieces. Wear one of these costumes under your clothes or stash it in an easy-to-reach air vent or locker and whip it out when danger strikes. If WackyPlanet helps jumpstart your superhero career, we just ask that you protect us from your nemesis or any criminal masterminds.

We offer a variety of Halloween masks, wigs, and full outfits ranging from adorable baby and toddler costumes, like the toddler Tin Man suit, to outfits like the child Wall E, to costumes for adult men and women. Our line ranges from sexy women’s costumes, such as Marilyn Monroe and Supergirl, to creepy Joker costumes.