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Miami Ink T-Shirt 2009 Contest Winners

Miami Ink T-Shirt Contest WinnersContest winners are selected randomly every week, check back frequently to see if you won!

January 7th Winner:

January 13th Winner:*

January 20th Winner:

January 28th Winner:

February 4th Winner:

February 11th Winner:

February 24th Winner:*

March 4th Winner:*

March 13th Winner:*

March 18th Winner:

March 25th Winner:*

April 1st Winner:

April 7th Winner:

April 15th Winner:

April 24th Winner:

April 29th Winner:

May 6th Winner:

May 13th Winner:

May 19th Winner:*

May 27th Winner:

June 2nd Winner:

June 9th Winner:

June 25th Winner:

June 30th Winner:

July 7th Winner:

July 14th Winner:

July 20th Winner:

July 28th Winner:

August 4th Winner:

August 11th Winner:

August 18th Winner:

August 24th Winner:

September 1st Winner:

September 9th Winner:

September 15th Winner:

September 22nd Winner:

September 29th Winner:

October 6th Winner:

October 13th Winner:

October 20th Winner:

November 4th Winner:

November 10th Winner:

November 17th Winner:

November 24th Winner:

December 1st Winner:

December 22nd Winner:

December 29th Winner:

January 6th Winner:

January 12th Winner:

February 3rd Winner:

February 17th Winner:

February 24th Winner:*

March 3rd Winner:*

March 9th Winner:

March 17th Winner:

March 24th Winner:

March 30th Winner:

April 6th Winner:

April 16th Winner:

April 20th Winner:

April 29th Winner:

May 4th Winner:

May 11th Winner:

Raffle winners must e-mail us at from their e-mail address listed above with the header "Miami Ink T-Shirt Raffle Winner" to claim their prize.