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Halloween Makeup How-To

Halloween MakeupOne of the most fun aspects of Halloween is putting on makeup. You may be a monster, goddess, or someone famous, but makeup lends the joi de vivre that makes the holiday whole. Halloween makeup is an art all its own.

Here are some tips on putting on Halloween Makeup.

Bruised and battered. You need red and black makeup, black eyeliner, red lip liner, deep red blush, yellow eye shadow and petroleum jelly.

• Insructions. Wash your face and then apply yellow eyeshade on the area where you want your bruise to be. Encircle the yellow eye shadow with your black eyeliner. Rub the eyeliner over the yellow eye shadow. Then apply the red blush to finish your “bruise.” For a cut or oozing scar, in a separate jar mix petroleum jelly with red blush. With your red lip liner encircle the area you’ve selected. Then, add the red blush and petroleum jelly mixture to the circle and mix it with the red liner for that gooey bloody effect.

Vampire. You need red lip liner, vampire teeth, white makeup and black makeup and petroleum jelly.

• Instructions. Apply the white makeup over your entire face, including the lips. In a separate container mix the black and white makeup for a charcoal grey color. Use this color to line the top and bottom of the eyes for a hollow effect. With the red liner, draw a red line down the lip to look like blood. For more drip and shine, add petroleum jelly to the red “blood.”

Werewolf. You need fake fur, facial glue, green, yellow, brown and black makeup.

• Instructions: Use the yellow and green makeup to outline the eyes. Mix the colors, then blend with an upward movement. Use the black and brown makeup to add more color from your eyelids up to the eyebrows. Draw pointed eyebrows with the black makeup. In a separate jar mix the brown and black makeup, then place this blend on the cheek bones. Apply facial glue on your eyebrows and stick the fake fur over it. Also, create side burns using facial glue and fake fur.

Alien. You need green and black makeup.

• Instructions: Apply the green makeup over your entire face, including the lips. Draw large ovals around your eyes and fill the ovals with black makeup. Add a black slit over your mouth for that alien lip.

Frankenstein. You need black and green makeup.

• Instructions: Cover your entire face with the green makeup, including your neck and lips. Then, use the black makeup to line your eyes, top and bottom. Add fake stitches on your forehead and cheeks.

Rag Doll. You need black eyeliner, red makeup and white Halloween makeup.

• Instructions. Apply white makeup over the entire face, neck and lips. Draw large circles on both cheeks evenly then fill them with red makeup. On the lips, use the red makeup to draw a heart. Then, heavily line the eyelids, top and bottom with black eyeliner. For an exaggerated eyelash effect, draw lines on the top and bottom of the eyelids.

Special Effects

Mehron 3D Makeup. Putting the Halloween makeup on is fun, but it can be even more fun with special effects makeup like Mehron 3-D Gel Special Effects. Mehron 3-D makes your makeup pop, 3-D style, in a way that traditional makeup alone never can. It comes in blood red, flesh tone and clear hues. This is a wonderful makeup to use for scars and to create the impression of ripped flesh.

• The Texture of Latex. Latex texture is similar to Mehron 3-D. With latex you can create a pallet that is multi-dimensional. You will need to use a sponge to apply the Latex texture and give the makeup time to dry. If you want to have a special, large witchy nose or flesh tears, Latex is for you.

These special effects are good if your costume is a zombie, witch, dead man or a vampire.

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