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Toy Violin -- Electronic Toy Violin For Children

Toy Violin for Kids -- Our Toy Violin looks realistic and plays 25 melodies. Batteries Included.

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Toy Violin -- Electronic Toy Violin For Children

Treat the Fiddler under your roof to this musical toy violin that, at about 6” wide and 16” tall, looks just like the real thing. Recommended for young musicians aged 3 and up, this toy violin let’s them play 25 different songs by just pressing a subtle button. The violin comes with a bow, so toddlers and children can play along to popular classic melodies like “Oh Suzannah” and “Frere Jaque/ Are You Sleeping Brother John”. Thanks to a microprocessor chip in the toy, this toy violin mimics the sound quality of a real, wooden violin. Most beginners take weeks or months to learn to play a song; this toy violin just takes 2 AA batteries, which come included.

The toy violin is detailed with a bridge, chin rest, and even the impression of F-holes in its rich auburn body. Though well-decorated, this violin is no mere showcase toy, but comes equipped with its own music.

Other songs in this toy violin’s 25-piece repertoire include a variety of children’s songs and rhymes, like,
Mary Had a Little Lamb
Old McDonald
One Little, Two Little, Three Little Indians
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
The variety of old classic kids’ songs will delight your young musician. Give your children the power to play their favorite lullabies and rhymes, whether it’s “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” or “Little Indians”.

The violin also lets toddlers and kids “play” traditional ditties and tunes like
Isle of Capri
If You’re Happy and You Know It
Old Black Joe
She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain
London Bridge
No Place Like Home
and more.
So sit back, request your favorite, and give it up to the new soloist in the family.

Approximate size 16" x 6".

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