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Light In The Night -- Night Light and Story Book

Light In The Night is the new Night Light from the makers of Elf On The Shelf.

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Light In The Night -- Night Light and Story Book

This silly creature night light teaches kids that there’s nothing to fear in the night. From Elf on the Shelf comes A Light in the Night. The A Light in the Night creature is a friend and a nightlight. Press the creatures’ tummy gently and its belly glows, showing kids there is nothing out there in the dark to be afraid of. Kids can cuddle with this cute batter-powered night light doll and carry it with them. The A Light in the Night night light creature comes in one of three fun colors: Ice Blue, Mint Green, or Bubblegum Pink.

A Light in the Night was made by a mother to reassure her son when he switched to a “big boy bed”. This set is a perfect gift for kids 2 and up. In addition to the night light doll, the set also includes an illustrated board book and a display box. Kids receiving this Light in the Night can even register online to get an official “certificate of Bravery”.

The night light comes with batteries included.

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