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LA Ink -- Miami Ink Tattoo Shop Merchandise. Buy 2 or more shirts and get a 10% discount by typing "TwoTee" in the coupon section of the order form at checkout.

LA Ink T-shirtsLA Ink Tattoo Shop Merchandise
Any shirt in this fine collection of L.A. Ink clothing will flatter a woman. The curve hugging L.A. Ink Junior T-shirts, cool and stylish L.A. Ink Ribbed Tank Tops, and flirty L.A. Ink V-Neck T-shirts make a woman look her best, while staying casual and supporting her favorite show.

These tattoo T-shirts are wonderful gifts for fans of Kat Von D and her straightforward, take-charge approach to life. These cool tattoo T-shirts feature the L.A. Ink logo and elaborate tattoo designs.

A spin off from Miami Ink, L.A. Ink follows Kat Von Dís High Voltage Tattoo, taking audiences through the process of setting up a tattoo shop in L.A., and also follows Craig Jackmanís American Electric tattoo studio. In the latest season fans of Kat will find her struggling. Her desire to be the master of her own life and have fun is coming in conflict with her need to succeed in the male-dominated tattoo world.