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Kid Sleep Night Light For Children

The Kid Sleep Night Light will Help your kid stay in bed at night and wake-up in the morning

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Kid Sleep Night Light For Children

A kids night light that trains your child to sleep. It has many practical features, with a wake-up indicator for young children and an alarm clock that works better for children that are older. It also helps young toddlers understand when itís time to wake up and get out of their bed and conversely when it is time to stay in bed. This is the perfect training tool for nighttime kids self regulation, and the best result parents and kids get more sleep. As the sleeping bunny illuminates, it is still bed time (or nap time), and then the child has to wait for the awake bunny to illuminate in order to get up. The Kid' Sleep night light can be set for any time you choose. The alarm clock has a very cute little bird chirping sound which is soon followed by a rooster sound. You can set it to go off as the awake animal is illuminated. It can be used with or without the alarm function.

We also offer the Globetrotter model, which is smaller, battery operated and designed for everyday use or travel. The Globetrotter night light features a sleeping and awake sheep.

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