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Scented Squeeze' n Blow Pop-Up Bubbles 15-Pack

Jelly Belly -- Jelly Belly Scented Squeeze' n Blow Pop-Up Bubbles 15-Pack

Item #:TOY-LK-1100-pack
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Bubbles can’t get much easier – or better smelling! – than these from Jelly Belly! When you squeeze the bubble bottle, the wand pops out covered in bubble liquid, ready to blow, which means no more digging in the bottle and getting your hands sticky! And the best part – they come in 3 scents, Top Banana, Grape Jelly, and Very Cherry! Buy this 15 pack for a whole summer of fun!

  • Squeeze the bottle … wand pops up loaded with bubble liquid!
  • 3 Scents - Includes 5 Top Banana, 5 Grape Jelly, and 5 Very Cherry!

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