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Jabba The Hutt Costume -- Jabba The Hutt Inflatable Costume

Jabba The Hutt -- Star Wars biggest crime lord.

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Jabba The Hutt Costume -- Jabba The Hutt Inflatable Costume

Jabba the Hutt is like a giant slug-toad crossbreed with a fat face and full of hot air. He's also mean, nasty, and stinky -- and those are his best traits. This villain from George Lucas’s early Star Wars movies is a gangster crime lord based on Tatooine. He is known, among other things, for keeping Princess Leia as a slave girl (and making fan boys’ dreams). Our Jabba the Hutt costume is officially licensed by Star Wars™

This giant alien is the perfect choice for an inflatable costume – only a large inflatable costume can get close to Jabba’s real size. This inflatable costume includes a 100% polyester Jabba bodysuit (including his tail), which measures about 60” at the chest, 68” around the waist, and is 71” long. One size fits most adults. The costume also consists of a headpiece and a battery-operated fan. The fan is attached to the costume and keeps the whole jumpsuit inflated. The fan takes 4 AA batteries (not included) to run. Just switch on the fan, step into your costume, and zip it up. Keep the fan running the whole time you’re in the Jabba costume. Not only will it keep your costume inflated, it will also keep you cool as it circulates the air.

The foot openings on this costume are very close together, which will make walking quickly difficult. (I don’t remember Jabba running any races in the movies, do you?) The inflatable costume looks great, and is a lot of fun for making movies or rocking a party. It’s not going to let you run around trick or treating, though. Note also, that this Jabba the Hutt costume is very big, which makes an impressive image, but also is going to be difficult at a crowded party. Take Jabba the Hutt somewhere he can be appreciated.

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