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Halloween: An American Tradition

Halloween U.S.AEvery year on October 31, a rush of anticipation fills the country. This is because it’s Halloween. Little children will walk through the streets in adorable costumes. Adults will open their doors, dressed in freaky outfits and pass out candies to each child. This tradition celebrates the joy of childhood. One day the children will outgrow Halloween, but a new set of children will follow. The older children will devise ways to make the home scarier – filling it with webs and playing eerie organ music. Costumed adults will have all the candy gift bags prepared. Those who follow a healthy lifestyle will distribute healthy treats.

Halloween actually originated in Europe among the Celtics, who believed that on October 31 the dead walked through the village to spoil their much-needed harvest that had to last all winter.

To appease the dead the Celtics devised many rituals, many of them still practiced today. The ancient Celtic festival in history was called samhain. One day later, on Nov. 1, Christians celebrated the holy day of All Saints. Over time, the two celebrations blended into one, combining and tweaking elements of each. The Irish brought this wonderful holiday to america during the 1846 potato famine when they arrived in droves. Soon, Halloween was a nationwide celebration.

Want to plan an old time, historical Halloween holiday? Look up FamilyCorner for ideas. What parts of Halloween are European, and what parts are American? pumpkins and the famous Jack-o’-Lanterns are distinctly American.

In Ireland and Britain they carved turnips and left them on windows as gifts for the ghosts. But pumpkins were much easier to cut, allowing them to get creative. By 1866 the Jack-o’-Lantern evolved.

Trick or treating is also distinctly American. In Britain it was called “going a souling,” and the poor would go door to door promising prayers for the dead for soul cakes on All Souls Day.

Today, children wear costumes and demand a treat – or the trick’s on you. The impetuousness is beguiling as children in costumes filled with smiles and expectation are always pleasing.

Join the fun. Make your own costume with tips from Ehow, or Fox News. Whether you give healthy treats or spooky treats, remember – photograph your memories. Choose the best costume or the spookiest party on Halloween. For photography tips go to NTIP. Don’t forget to set the mood with special Halloween songs, jokes and poems. Don’t forget to add some fun pranks to play on friends and family. After all, it’s all in good fun.