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Fun Halloween Games for Kids

Halloween Games for KidsA children’s Halloween party MUST have games in it. Oftentimes, Halloween games are variations on the normal party games that are played in children’s parties, but with a Halloween twist. Here are some games that can be played at a children’s Halloween party:


Prepare Halloween music for this one.

When the music starts, the monsters must dance. But whenever the music stops, they must freeze. Anyone who moves when the music stops is out. Continue the game until only one monster is left. That monster is the winner of the game.


This is a racing game between two teams of children. Determine the start and finishing point for each team.

Divide the children into two teams. Each team should have white crepe paper or a toilet paper roll.

One child must wrap the other like a mummy – except for his head. The legs should be wrapped together, and the arms should be wrapped separately.

As soon as the “mummy” is ready, he must jump to the finish line – without tearing his mummy costume. The first one to reach the end wins a prize.


The objective of this game is to use food and a child’s imagination. The child will be blindfolded and told to hold a piece of food in a bowl that can be specific body parts. The child has to guess what body parts he is holding.

Instructions: Set a row of bowls in a table. The children must wait in a separate room until it’s his turn to be the “Mad Scientist.”

In each bowl, put food to mimic body parts. Grapes can be “eyes,” a banana peel can be a “tongue,” raw liver can be the “heart,” noodles can be “brains” or “intestines,” or “hair,” and carrot sticks can be “arms” or “fingers.”

Blindfold each child and let him go alone to the room. As he puts his hands in each bowl, he has to guess what “body part” he is feeling. Once he’s done, he can remain in the room while the next child is brought in. Part of the fun is in hearing the guesses of each child. The child with the best answers wins a prize.


This game combines artwork with musical chairs.

Instructions: Cut out pieces of gray paper in the shape of a tombstone for each child. Then give each child a chance to decorate the tombstone in the way that they want. When the tombstones are done, staple the tombstone to the top of the child’s shirt. Now it’s time for Musical Walking Tombstones. Set out chairs for each child – minus one.

Play Halloween music. Whenever the music stops, the child has to run to a chair. The child without a chair is out of the game.

Every time a child is eliminated, take out one chair as well and let the child “hang” his tombstone on the chair.

Continue the game until only one child is left. The last child wins a prize.


Write a list of words of things that are related to Halloween such as “ghost,” “vampire,” “witch,” “haunted house,” “trick or treat,” “monster,” “bat,” “skeleton,” and others. Place each word on a strip of paper and fold it and place it in a jar.

Divide the children into two teams. Have either a whiteboard or chalkboard prepared. Start with one team. A team member goes to the front and pulls out a piece of paper from the bottle.

The team member must then try to draw his “word” on the board. He is not allowed to speak. The team is only given two minutes to guess the word. For every correct word guessed, the team gets a point.

Alternate between the two teams until all the words in the jar are finished. The team that has the most points wins.

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