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Grown Ups Quotes --Grown Ups Movie Quotes

Grown Ups Quotes --Grown Ups Movie QuotesFive friends (who were basketball teammates when they were 12 years old), reunite 30 years after their high school graduation, upon learning that their high school coach has passed away. They plan to attend the funeral, and then to spend a weekend on the old house on a lake where they used to party and celebrate their biggest victories.

The five friends are now grownups. Lenny Feder (Adam Sandler) is rich and wealthy as a Hollywood agent with a wife who is a fashion designer. However, their children take money for granted. Here’s a quote:

Lenny Feder: We needed to be here. Our kids were turning into snotty, spoiled, little. This is what we needed.

Marcus Higgins (David Spade) drinks too much and lives by himself. Some quotes:

Lenny Feder: Higgins, what are you doing?
Marcus Higgins: I don't wear pants at my house, I'm not wearing them in your house. Sorry.
Roxanne Chase-Feder: That was a man's ass?

The other three friends are Rob Hilliard (Rob Scheider) who is a “serial husband” with three daughters that he hardly sees, Eric Lamonsoff (Kevin James) who is obese and unemployed, and Kurt McKenzie (Chris Rock) who is a househusband who gets bossed around by his wife and his mother-in-law. Here’s a movie quote:

Eric Lamonsoff: I gotta make a sissy.
Kurt McKenzie: Come on, you made three already.
Rob Hilliard: It must be oozing out at this point.
Eric Lamonsoff: Shut up. I'm trying to concentrate.
Kurt McKenzie: It's taking a piss, not the SATs.
Lenny Feder: Are you peeing or is a diesel truck turning off? What the hell is that?
Marcus Higgins: Listen to hamper bottom. I think he's sending a message in Morse code. Getting old. Stop. Can't pee. Stop. Reek like an asparagus. Stop. Even though I didn't have any. Stop.
It is a fourth of July weekend, and for the five friends, the weekend becomes a journey into themselves. They discover they still have their old spark, and they learn that having fun should never change, even when you are a grown up.

Classic Grown Ups quote:

Deanne McKenzie: How about I take you out for a date night every Thursday? Kurt McKenzie: Well, Thursday night is Grey's Anatomy, but any other night would be great.

Lenny Feder: Higgy!
Marcus Higgins: Hey, what's up, Lenny? Buddy, I thought you were gonna start working out.
Lenny Feder: What does that mean?
Marcus Higgins: Um... you're fat.
Lenny Feder: No!

Roxanne Chase-Feder: [an old woman approaches them] And this must be your mother.
Rob Hilliard: My wife.
Roxanne Chase-Feder: I'm sorry!
Rob Hilliard: I'm not. [kisses his wife]
Marcus Higgins: [onlooking] Oh, grody.

Bean Lamonsoff: Mommy, I want some milk.
Sally Lamonsoff: Come here. I'll give you a little something. [starts breastfeeding Bean]
Roxanne Chase-Feder: Your son is so cute. How old is he?
Eric Lamonsoff: 48 months.
Kurt McKenzie: [pause] That's 4.
Eric Lamonsoff: [pause] Yeah.