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The Good Nite Lite-- Kids Night Light

The Good Nite Lite is a programmable night light for kids that teaches kids to stay in bed and will make any toddlers room a special place to sleep.

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Many young kids donít understand why their parents donít want to be awoken at 4 am and play with them. Toddlers who fall asleep whenever and wake whenever havenít yet learned the meaning of sleeping on a regular schedule. This programmable Good Nite Lite teaches kids to stay in bed when the night light shows a moon, and that itís fine to get up when the light shows a sun.

This night light makes sure parents get the sleep they need to be healthy and attentive during the day, and trains toddlers to sleep in a longer, healthy cycle. Kids 3-5 are only just starting to notice that day and night relate to sleep and to develop a concept of sleeping at regular times. This night light helps kids understand the difference between day and night and reinforces healthy sleeping patterns.

Parents set a bedtime and wake time into the Good Nite Lite. At bedtime, the light glows with the image of a moon, and then dims when children fall asleep (to save electricity). At wake time, the sun illuminates and kids know itís ok to get up and make noise. The light uses images, so toddlers who donít know how to read time can still easily understand the Good Nite Lite. This kidís night light comes with an instruction manual on how to set it.

The Good Nite Lite has a 6Ē diameter and runs on 2 (included) button cell batteries.

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