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Funny Videos --Wacky Product Videos from

Funny Videos --Wacky Product has a great selection of funny products. See some of our wacky products in action by clicking on the links below. If you would like to add videos that you make of our products please submit them to and we will give you a ten dollar gift certificate if we post it.

Laughing Rollover Pets Video Desktop Derby Game Video Bubble Shooter Toy Video Singing Santa Toy Video Singing Snowman Toy Video Weazel Ball Toy Video Happy Hamster Toy Video Pink Piglet Toy Video Peppy Chihuahua Toy Video Jellyfish Aquarium Toy Video F-Bomb Novelty Toy Video Wacky Wheels Toy Video Whack a Mouse Toy Video

Grand Piano Toy Video Belly Banks Toy Video Norman the Gnome Toy Video Senor Toro Toy Video Crazy Cow Toy Video

Come one, come all, come kids and adults – these funny videos of our products are far cheaper than the price of movie tickets. These movies are fun, but we know that’s not the only reason you’re watching them. You want to know exactly how our products will function before you buy them. At WackyPlanet, we want to ensure you get just what you want and understand what your money is purchasing. We keep posting new videos to demonstrate how our wacky products work, and answer all your questions. We hope you’re amused by what you see!