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Funny Videos at WackyPlanet --Funny Online Video Clips

We have some of our favorite funny video clips on this page. The funny videos below are from our site as well as other video sites on the web. If you have a funny video you would like to recommend to to us please send it and we will send you a $10 gift certificate if we use it.

laughing rollover pets video desktop derby game video bubble shooter toy video singing santa toy video singing snowman toy video weazel ball toy video happy hamster toy video pink piglet toy video peppy chihuahua toy video jellyfish aquarium toy video f-bomb novelty toy video wacky wheels toy video whack a mouse toy video grand piano toy video belly banks toy video norman the gnome toy video senor toro toy video crazy cow toy video

WackyPlanet feature some of the silliest, funniest gag gifts, and some of the most fun and unique toys around. From a ridiculous little garden gnome who begs you take him adventuring with you to a toy grand piano that actually plays, we’ve got a wild collection of great products. Check out all the wackiest gifts and toys by just clicking on one of these videos. See the latest in funny and unique items, and, if you choose to buy, know exactly how your product will behave before you put down any cash for it.