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Girl and Boy 19" Elf on the Shelf Plushee Pals

Elf on the Shelf Plushee Pals -- Girl and Boy Plushee Pals 19" Plush Dolls

Item #:elf-on-the-shelf-small-plush-pals
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Girl and Boy 19" Elf on the Shelf Plushee Pals

Made of the softest material Santa's toy makers could find, these adorable elves are toy versions of their REAL North Pole scout elf counterparts. Santa’s real scout elves lose their Christmas magic if touched, but with these cute plush scout elves touching and squeezing are not only allowed, but encouraged! These lovable elves stand 19" tall. Plushee Elf on the Shelf dolls feature your choice of either light or dark skin tones. These adorable plush doll versions of scout elves are fantastic Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers. Snuggle up with your plush scout elf and a mug of hot cocoa in front of the fire, or take your pal caroling and sledding with. These completely huggable, soft elves are impossible to resist for both kids and adults!

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