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Doodlebops Toys and Doodlebops Licensed Merchandise

Doodlebops Doodlebops Toys Costumes and ApparelGet fun Doodlebops T-shirts, clothes, costumes, and toys and keep on jamming!

You might be surprised to realize that the Doodlebops are from Canada! They’re widely popular among preschoolers in the USA as well and have been featured in other countries. Our Doodlebops clothing makes great birthday and Christmas gifts for kids.

The wacky Doodlebops characters are members of a children’s band. Moe Doodle, Deedee Doodle, and Rooney Doodle, the main characters, have a distinctive cartoony appearance. The Doodlebops band was featured in its live-action TV show. Now the Doodlebops have even made an animated series and a theatrical show called The Doodlebops: Together Forever Tour. Preschoolers will love dancing around to Doodlebops music in a fun Doodlebops T-shirt.