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Dinosaur Train T-shirts for Toddlers and Kids.

Dinosaur Train T-shirtsBuy Dinosaur Train T-shirts
Dinosaur Train is a fun and educational animated TV show for kids. Children will love learning about dinosaurs along with Buddy the T-Rex while wearing bright T-shirts featuring their favorite characters. These shirts are 100% cotton for comfort, and pre-shrunk so you won’t have to guess at sizes.

Kids will be thrilled to get to have Buddy the inquisitive T-Rex or one of his adoptive Pterodactyl sisters on their shirt. Children get excited for the chance to wear a shirt they chose, or that features their favorite characters. These fun shirts make great Christmas or birthday gifts.

In addition to the curious Buddy, kids can have Tiny, Shiny, or Mr. Conductor on their fun T-shirt. Tiny Pterandon is one of Buddy’s sisters. She loves to interview dinosaurs and make up rhymes. Shiny is another of the four Pterandon children, and has fun role playing with her siblings. These young dinosaurs like to ride on Mr. Conductor’s Dinosaur Train, a train made just for dinosaurs that can even travel back to the Mesozoic Era.