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Cut the Rope Shirts and Merchandise inspired by the Cut the Rope game.

Cut the Rope T-shirts and MerchandiseOm Nom wants candy, lots of it. The adorable star of Cut The Rope now has his own t-shirt line which is officially licensed from Chillingo. To get to the next level of style, do not fail to buy one of these cool 100% cotton shirts. All the t-shirt designs are have dynamic graphics and are screenprinted with high quality inks that will last many washes.

Cut the rope was developed in 2010 by ZeptoLab. Now published by Chillingo, the game is one of the most popular video games of all time. Based on physics principles this puzzle game employs numerous levels with the object being to place a piece of candy in the the mouth of Om Nom, the cartoon candy monster. The candy always hangs from a single or multiple ropes which you can cut by swiping your finger. The bame has other pitfalls to avoid -- the bellows, electricity spikes and the need to keep the candy inside the box.
Cut the rope Merchandise including t-shirts is now available and you can buy all the new items on our secure website.