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Create Your Own T-shirt and Apparel Designs Online with our T-shirt and Apparel Designer Tool. You can Design Online and also upload graphics from your own computer.

You can order the designs you create at once or save them for a later date if you like.

Please call us at 877-804-6640 to order by phone or with any questions.

Choose everything from the shirt color to the picture to (if you choose) the font and amount of space between the text’s letters. With this tool you have complete control over the clothes you spend your money on. Bring your fantasies to fabric and make a shirt or hoodie according to your own vision. With this easy to use Design Tool you can place the text exactly where you want it. Upload a design, picture, or photo and display it your way.

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One personalized T-shirt customer said: “ I have ordered from Wacky Planet! on a few different occasions and have never been disappointed. I have always got exactly what I ordered, usually faster than I expected. The thing that I admire most is that even when items are personalized, the items are still shipped in the first few days. Keep up the good work and I will definitely continue ordering from this site over and over! Thanks!!!”