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Crunch Art Mega Crafts Kit

Crunch Art -- Crunch Art Crafts Kit -- Mega Kit

Item #:TOY-RA-00973
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Crunch your way to fun fabric creations with Crunch Art! They're fun to make and beautiful to look at. Use the themed backgrounds to create a 3-D masterpiece you can hang on the wall! Or, flip it over and crunch a whole new picture on the back. The Cruncher Tool does it all without any glue, so there's never a mess -- just good clean, creative fun!

Crunch Art -- Mega Set

Styles include: (Flower, Heart, Butterfly, Dolphin, Smiley, Peace Sign & Frog) and (Moon, Star, Sun, Dragonfly, Guitar & Crown) Each set includes six different projects Ages 4 & Up Other pieces included in each set are: Reusable crunch board 260 Pieces of colored fabric 1 Cruncher 8 Pieces of flair 6 Foam templates

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