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Closeout Sale Toys -- Half Price Toys

Closeout Sale Toys -- Discount Price ToysOur selection of Closeout Sale Toys offers fun toddler and children’s toys for great bargains. Check back later for the next batch of Closeout Sale toys!

Puzzle Cars and Puzzle Vehicles
Puzzle Cars and Puzzle Vehicles

Reg. $19.95
Sale Price: $17.95, 2/$29.95
Puzzle Cars and Puzzle Vehicles

Get amazing deals on your favorite toys with our Closeout Sale Toys section; some of the toys are almost 50% off! The quality toys make great birthday and Christmas gifts for boys and girls, kids and toddlers, and their great discounts are certainly a gift to parents.

Wacky Planet strives to bring you toys at some of the best prices around. In addition to very reasonable prices, we offer many discounted prices, coupons, and even contests to win free Pillow Pets.

“We had a defective product delivered to us, and the customer service department went out of there way to make sure that we received another one ASAP. They even told us not to bother returning the old one, they would just send out the new one.” - Customer who bought a Toy Electric Guitar