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 Triceratops Dinosaur Kids Costume with Cap and Paws

Triceratops Costume for Kids with Cap and Paws

Item #:COS-12-AP-TRICO
Availability:Usually ships the next business day

The three horned triceratops Costume for Kids with Cap and Paws will show everyone how much dinosaurs rock! Even better, if your family is ecologically conscious, you will be pleased to know this fabulous animal was a vegetarian. And while Kermit the Frog felt it wasn’t easy being green, the Triceratops must have felt like he blended in perfectly with nature. All triceratops deserve a break. Your little one’s adorable face will be a great triceratops ambassador. This costume is great all year for kids when they want to play animal games and stay warm. One size fits all.

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