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Giraffe Kids Costume with Cap and Paws

Giraffe Costume for Kids with Cap and Paws

Item #:COS-12-AP-GIRCO
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Sometimes all it takes is a hint of an animalís persona and your beautiful little childís imagination. Your child, with these prompts, will be able to interpret the rest. Thatís the case with this ingenious Giraffe Costume for Kids with Cap and Paws. It is costumes like these that make Halloween truly exciting. Your child is able to have all the fun of being that amazing animal without having to be a carbon copy of it. This is a giraffe costume thatís easy for any child to wear comfortably for Halloween. It comes with a fabulous and fun plush Animal Giraffe Hat and super cool Mittens. Whatís more, even when itís not Halloween, a costume is great for play when children want to create games like ďzooĒ or ďanimal jungle.Ē Happiness and enjoyment begin in the mind with a childís limitless imagination where barriers are comfortably broken. One size fits all children.

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