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Borat Quotes from the Borat Movie

Movie Quotes from BoratBorat Cultural learnings and Borat Kazakhstan Wisdom can be yours. See your favorite Borat quotes below and add yours to our list.

Borat: We support your war of terror.
Borat: My country send me to United States to make movie-film. Please, come and see my film. If it not success, I will be execute.

Driving Instructor: In America, a woman can choose who she has sex with.

Borat: Jagshemash! My name Borat. I like you. I like sex. Is nice!

Borat: In my country, they would go crazy for these two.
Borat: her not so much.

Borat: Gipsy! Give me your tears! If you will not give them to me, I will take them from you!

Borat: This is Natalya.
Borat: She is my sister. She is number-four prostitute in whole of Kazakhstan.
Borat: Niiice!

Borat: My moustache still tastes of your testes!

Borat (Sacha Baron Cohen) is a newsreader from Kazakhstan who is assigned by the Kazakh Ministry of Information to make a documentary about American culture. The movie is so offensive, it’s funny. One of his quotes, “In U.S. and A. they treat horses like we in Kazakhstan treat our women. They feed them two times a day. They have them sleep on straw in a small box. And for entertainment, they make them jump over fences while being whipped.”

Borat reaches New York City, but no one wants to be interviewed by him because of his overall strange and unrestrained weirdness. He tries to fit in, using the British Guide to Etiquette. Here is a movie quote, “My wife, she is dead…she die in ahh, in a field…she die from work, an accident but is not important. I have a new wife.” Another quote during a formal lunch, “There is a smell, I wo…it smell like a shit.”

Then he watches Baywatch and falls in love with Pamela Anderson. He decides that the best way to get to the pith of America is to go to California, meet and marry her. “I loves the Pamela Andersons.” There may be a cultural gap considering this Borat quote: “In Kazakhstan we have many hobbies: disco dancing, archery, rape, and table tennis.”

He travels across the country with his producer in an ice cream truck that he purchases and along the way, interviews many Americans. Borat quote: “There are many job opportunities in the US and of A. For men, construction worker, taxi driver or accountant. For woman, prostitute.”

Borat T-shirts and Borat Movie Quotes
Borat T-shirts and Borat Movie Quotes

Borat T-shirts and Borat Movie Quotes