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BeyBlade Halloween Costumes

BeyBlade Halloween Costumes for BeyBlade Tops Warriors. -- This Halloween “let it rip!” with one of our cool BeyBlade Tops Warriors costumes. Battle your BeyBlade tops in costume when you dress as your favorite character from the hit anime and manga series “BeyBlade”!>br?

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BeyBlade is a popular Japanese manga and anime series about the Bladebreakers, a team of kids who battle against other teams using enchanted spinning tops. The magical tops are called “BeyBlades”, giving the series its title. Tyson Granger leads the Bladebreakers, a team that includes his fellow BeyBlade fighters Ray Kon, Kai Hiwatari, and Max Tate. “BeyBlade” first aired in 2001. A BeyBlade movie has even be released. Join this sweet show and jump on the coolest new costume trend with these awesome BeyBlade costumes.