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Bacon Suit Adult Costume

Mmm Bacon Bacon Suit Costume

Item #:COS-RI-7663
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How much do you love bacon? Enough to wear an entire suit out of your favorite breakfast meat? If the answer is yes, we have the perfect suit for you! This Mmmmm Bacon Suit Costume is perfect for Halloween or your next costume party. This costume includes a printed bacon suit jacket and pants. One standard size fits most men. This 100% polyester costume is intended for one time use and should be spot cleaned is necessary.

Have ever wanted to say the phrase, “Ladies, I am nearly edible!” Or maybe, “Ladies, watch out cus I’m hot and ready!” Well, if you’re not wearing a bacon costume, saying these things doesn’t make much sense. Show up everyone this Halloween with the raunchiest, most out of wack, crazily unique costume ever. A bacon suit. Yes, this is a suit made of bacon. Not actually, because that would violate many health codes, but it looks like it is. Just zoom in and you can see that the bacon is almost glistening with all its rich and natural oils and grease. Only includes pants and jacket.

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