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An Elf's Story Movie DVD by Elf On The Shelf

The Elf On the Shelf Movie -- Animated Elf Story on DVD from the creators of Elf On The Shelf

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Be sure to get the latest development in this rapidly-spreading Christmas classic with the new animated Elf on the Shelf movie, “An Elf’s Story”. The heartwarming movie follows the eager scout elf, Chippey, as he tries to persuade a boy to believe once again in the wonder of Christmas. But the boy breaks the rules and touches Chippey- causing him to lose his elf magic! So don't miss out -- this will be the must have children's gift this Christmas

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In the “Elf on the Shelf” book we learned that every family has a scout elf, who observes the children between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and reports back to Santa every night, telling him whether the children have been naught or nice. Now “An Elf’s Story” brings us the tale of a real scout elf, and ultimately teaches us the age-old message that Christmas is not something we find under an evergreen tree, but something we find in our hearts. This fun animated movie is full of music and Christmas wonder. In “An Elf’s Story”, Santa assigns Chippey, a young scout elf, to rebuild a little boy’s belief in Christmas magic. In an impulsive act of rebellion, the little boy, Taylor, breaks the most critical Elf on the Shelf rule, and touches the scout elf. Instantly, Chippey loses all his Christmas magic. The whole family loses its scout elf, and both Taylor and Chippey lose their confidence and self-respect. In this inspirational Elf on the Shelf movie, Chippey and Taylor realize the power of love and forgiveness, and learn that real belief is not something that can be taught.

“An Elf’s Story” can be bought as a DVD and a Blu-Ray combo pack. The Blu-Ray pack includes a 2-D and a 3-D version of the “An Elf’s Story” animated movie. Each pack also features a 23-minute “An Elf’s Story” holiday special, a 30-second trailer, and commentary by the filmmaker. They also include a behind-the-scenes feature, giving you a look at how “An Elf’s Story” was made. Check your pack for a code granting special website access at ( in November.