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Battling Bugs from the Legend Of Nara look real and are interchangeable. Buy Legend of Bugs on sale.

The Legend of Nara™ Bugs are the only collectible assortment of bugs that actually look just like real bugs. The Legend of Nara™ Bugs toys have motorized and removable underbody chasses, so kids can swap in and out different bug bodies. The bugs also have a chassis hook that guides the bugs along their path as they battle and race. Each bug’s bio is explained online at the Legend of Nara™ website, which also features a 3D Legend of Nara™ game. The bug toys each come with a secret code that lets kids battle their bugs online in a virtual arena on the site. With a mythical back story, an online world, and tangible toys, the Legend of Nara™ toys ignite imaginations.

The story behind Legend of Nara™ is that Planet Nara has been drastically altered by a huge storm of meteors, causing the once harmless insect population to mutate into fighter bugs. Soon the four tribes of bugs in the Narian Valley began to war, fighting for complete power.