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Glee Tv -- Glee T-shirts, Glee Merchandise and Glee TV Quotes For Glee fans

Glee TV T-shirts and MerchandiseFox’s singing comedy-drama Glee has been a sensational hit since its first airing in 2009. Aimed at teenagers, this TV show follows a high school glee club as they sing Broadway hits and learn about accepting themselves in the chaos of hormones and minor scandals that is high school. Whether you love the characters or just like singing, show some Gleek pride with some cool Glee T-shirts, Glee apparel and Glee merchandise.

Glee Quotes -- Glee Tv Quotes
Glee Quotes -- Glee Tv Quotes

Glee Quotes -- Glee Tv Quotes

William McKinley High school is a rough place for misfit teens. The cheerleading team rules the school and dictates the meaning of cool. If you’re not in the cheerleading team or on the football club, you are nothing. Bullies pick on students by throwing frozen slushies in their faces. And singing glee songs, is really, really lame.

Will Shuester is a high school Spanish teacher who takes over the Glee club when its previous club leader is suspended. Mr. Shue is itching to return this glee club into the powerful, popular glee club he starred in during his high school days. Meanwhile, the captain of the cheerleading team, Sue Sylvester, has it in for Mr. Shue and seeks to thwart him and his club at every turn. The mixed crew who join the glee club range from cheerleading team spies, to ambitious would-be Broadway stars, to football players and social misfits. Artie gets picked on because he’s in a wheelchair, Kurt Hummel, currently one of Glee’s most popular characters, is the only out gay kid at the conservative high school, and Finn is a popular jock who just loves music.

Each episode has a theme that guides the music selections and relates to the current drama at the school. Glee is often a feel-good TV show and celebrates values like diversity and self-expression. Fox’s hit show has featured such artists as Lady Gaga and musicals like Rocky Horror.