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Bubble Shooter -- Bubble Gun Toy

Bubble Shooter -- Bubble Gun Toy

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The bubble shooter toy is made of clear plastic. This cool toy bubble gun comes with bright Led lights on the top and shooting tip to help kids learn to aim, and to mimic gunís laser sights. This toy bubble blower gun shoots out an endless stream of bubble fluid that rapidly becomes bubbles, every time you pull the trigger! The bubble shooter is spill proof and thereís no dipping required. Simply pull back the trigger and this cool bubble gun will shoot out uncountable numbers of bubbles.

This bubble blower gun is a fun way to play with bubbles and make a great game out of it. Friends can shoot at targets, battle each other with these fun toy bubble guns, or just give themselves an unending supply of bubbles to play with and pop. Kidsí learn about the physics of bubbles while just having fun.

When you buy this bubble gun you get one bottle of non-toxic bubble solution included!

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Bubble Shooter -- Bubble Gun Toy